Today in the city Winter Park 19.11.2017
We might be driving into an all-electric future — but don't forget about the hybrid Toyota Prius

Numerous carmakers are embracing an all-electric future. This might lead consumers to overlook hybrids while they wait for the next big thing. But the Toyota Prius is still an excellent choice for low...

An artist's timelapse carving Wonder Woman onto a pumpkin is breathtakingly good

Be ready to be impressed by this timelapse pumpkin carving of Wonder Woman. It's a super-powered detailed masterpiece.  Andy Manoloff, the artist, begins by stenciling the super hero's upper body...

Fisher-Price recalls 65,000 baby seats due to fire hazard

Fisher-Price is voluntarily recalling about 65,000 motorized infant seats because of a risk of a fire hazard.

Waymo Finds Michigan's Unpredictable Winter Weather Perfect For Teaching Cars To Drive Themselves

Human drivers need to learn how to handle snowy, icy road conditions. So do self-driving cars, which is why Waymo is going to start testing its autonomous vehicles in Michigan's winter wonderland.

James Corden made Anna Wintour eat ridiculous junk food and we would like a slice

This is what happens when the woman who inspired the character Miranda Priestly is forced to munch on the greasiest junk-food imaginable. SEE ALSO: James Corden challenges Usain Bolt to every game in...

Donald Trump: 'The press makes me more uncivil than I am' – video

The US president blames the news media for his image and boasts about his intelligence.  'People don't understand,' he says. 'I went to an Ivy League college. I was a nice student. I did very wel...

Planned Park on Hudson River Pier in NYC Is Back From Dead

A billionaire's plan for a $250 million park and performing arts center on a New York City pier that collapsed because of litigation is being revived.

Panthers QB Cam Newton Abruptly Walks Out of Press Conference

After skipping last week's press conference, Cam Newton abruptly walked out of this week's one on Wednesday.

Sennheiser Offers Audiophiles A Tailor-Made In-Ear Monitor At An Off-The-Peg Price

These affordable In-Ear Monitors from Sennheiser's audiophile range offer tailor made performance of an IEM at an off-the-peg price.

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