Today in the city Winter Park 16.01.2018

The National Park Service removed climate change plans from website, but it may be for a good reason

Earlier this month, the government watchdog group EDGI found that the climate change plans for 92 different national park sites had been removed from the National Park Service website.  On Dec. 2...

Will North Korea Blow Up the Winter Olympics?

It’s possible. But here are a few steps Washington, Seoul, and Pyongyang can take to keep the 2018 Winter Games peaceful.

What Kind Of Due Process Are Those Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Entitled To?

As the #MeToo movement unfolds, questions are being raised about what due process those accused of sexual misconduct are entitled to. NPR's Michel Martin explores the topic with constitutional law pro...

National Park Service Looking for 5 Death Valley Trespassers

Authorities are looking for five people who entered a closed area at Death Valley National Park and damaged government property.

5 Reasons Why The Ripple (XRP) Price Continues To Surge In The Face Of Crypto Market Corrections

The XRP price is way higher than it was at the start of the month—even thriving amid yesterday's 20 percent crypto market drop-off—here's why.

All the new and returning TV shows coming in winter 2018 — and whether or not you should watch them

It's officially that time of year when you never leave your house because it's too cold to go outside and you just don't feel like dealing with it, which means you'll have plenty of time to watch TV....

An unusual weather pattern explains why there's been so much snow already – and that could continue all winter

A La Niña weather pattern could shake up winter forecasts across the country.  High snow totals are expected in the Rocky Mountains and across northern states, into the Great Lakes.&n...

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